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More Nail Growth Ahead

Hello beautiful people! I’d like to first thank each and everyone of you for joining me on my nail journey. I’m excited you get a front row seat of how I grow in the nail industry. I’ll share a little bit more on my story later this week. In the meantime, I can say proudly I am a licensed nail tech and starting to enjoy the ebb and flow of my new venture.

With Covid-19 changing the landscape of how the beauty industry operates, adapting and overcoming is essential for business survival. This was a tricky slope for in-person clients and simultaneously trying to build my clientele. I had to put safety first and that meant finding an alternative to sharing my nail creativity. Wanting to wear and share only top notch quality soft gel nails, I invested in Apres Gel-X full well nails. They fit comfortably and can be worn again or soaked off with acetone for a one-time wear. I love the multiple options of wearing press-on nails and can switch up styles and lengths at any time. Best of all, when properly removed, there is no damage to your natural nails. #winning

With all of that being said, there is a new nail drop coming Friday at 1:00pm EST! Be sure to check the new Autumn / Winter designs fresh out the lamp. As always, the Luxe Line are three detailed creations that are limited and retired at the end of the month. Get them while you can. Also, the Not So Basic, Basics are super fab with clean lines and bomb colors from The Gel Bottle brand. Don’t miss the drop happening this Friday at 1:00 pm EST.

What about Black Friday, Dee? Well, I do have some awesome news to share. Dee Luxe Nails will be offering monthly subscription services!!!! There will be three tiers to choose from, plenty of options, and no commitment. Well, what about a discount, Dee? From 11/25/2020 until midnight 11/30/2020, I will be offering 15% off the your first two months! #yayyy #discounts All you need to do in order to secure your discount is click here and sign up for my newsletter. I’ll be dropping more information about my subscription service in the next newsletter, don’t miss it. If you have a fellow nail fran and you love my work, do kindly share this content.

Sending Love & Light,