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Yes, you can reshape your press-on nails. Please note, you will break the seal of the top coat when you file the tip, sides or clip to shorten your set. Please use a clear top coat gel or air-dry to seal the new shape. Unfortunately, you cannot paint over or remove the existing design without damage. These soft gel nails will melt when acetone is used on them.

Due to the personal nature of these products and the on-going COVID-19 Pandemic, all sales are final. Dee Luxe Nails is here to provide fuss free and timely customer service. If there is a defect in our product or you simply have a question, do reach out to customer support at Please include your order number and allow 48 hours for a reply.

At this time, Dee Luxe Nails ships only to the continental U.S. APO and APE addresses will be honored and will ship to those regions.

10 of my premium soft gel press-on nails, file, buffer, nail glue, and instructions. Beacuse you have measured your nails, your press-ons will have a custom fit and feel.

All orders will be mailed on the 1st of the month with tracking information. Dee Luxe Nails is not responsible for incorrect addresses provided or delays with shipment.