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Hi, Beautiful and Welcome to Dee Luxe Nails!


My earliest recognition of art applied to nails was of course, worn by the late Florence Griffith-Joyner. The American track star stunned everyone with her design choices for her track outfits and her nails were next level for that time. Aside from her track prowess, the attention her style gained was global and both loved and a constant source of criticism. It was then I learned of another extension of beauty, nails.

I usually kept my nails short due to living an active lifestyle and later joining the military. On the weekends I would venture out and ask my nail tech for a fun nail design that I could easily paint over or remove Sunday night. I could not wear bright colors or nail designs while in service and resorted to wearing press-on nails. That was a great option for women like me with careers or worked in a profession that required clear or neutral nail shades.

Fast forward to 2019. During the early stages of the COVID-19 Pandemic, I decided to enroll into Nail Technology School. During the third week of school, I quit my corporate job and fully reembraced my creative side. Yes, it was scary but wanting to fulfill a dream of being a full-time artist was a necessity. Because no one was doing in-person services during the pandemic, I pivoted to press-on nails as a means to put myself out there and showcase my work and to also build brand awareness.

My press-on nails were an instant hit! It gave women the salon look they love but without the safety issues of actually being in a salon during a pivotal time in history. Each set of nails were completed with everything you need for a long-lasting wear. Multiple orders are made on daily basis and I’m always creating something new. As business ramps up, I’m thinking how may I better serve my clients and future clients. Because orders are frequent and my tribe love the one-stop shop solution, I thought a subscription service (with perks) would be ideal. The subscription service offers predictability, limited editions, superior customer service, and a no-fuss approach to signing up for the DeeLuxeNail & Press Nail Club. It’s time to get Pressed!