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Airing It Out with Alen

When deciding to own a private nail studio, I had to take into consideration many factors. Asides from operating costs, insurance, adequate sanitization, and of course, all the nail supplies, I needed to ensure the air was clean. While wanting to create that relaxed nail environment, client safety and comfort is still and always be foremost. Furthermore, COVID-19 is still present and the driving reason why I chose the air purifier by Alen. Alen Air purifiers provide an affordable solution to cleaner air and reduce the dust from filing nails, vapors, and fumes from nail chemicals.

Most nail salons will have the proper ventilation because of codes and requirements. If you care to learn more, look up the 2021 International Mechanical Code (IMC), International Building Code (IBC), and International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC). These codes will provide a better understanding of exhaust systems for manicure tables and pedicure stations. Even if you are not a nail tech, having cleaner air in your home is super beneficial. Check out this video from Alen to see how their systems work.