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Evolution Of Press On Nails

Press on nails have become increasingly popular in recent years as a convenient and affordable alternative to traditional acrylic or gel nail extensions. These pre-designed and pre-sized artificial nails can be easily applied and removed without the need for a professional manicurist, making them a popular choice for those who want to have trendy and stylish nails without the hassle or expense.

The creation of press on nails can be traced back to 1954, Fred Slack, a dentist, broke his fingernail at work, and created an artificial nail as a realistic-looking temporary replacement. After experiments with different materials to perfect his invention, he and his brother, Tom, patented a successful version and started the company Patti Nails. it wasn’t until the 1980s that press on nails really took off as a popular fashion accessory.

During this time, several other companies also began producing press on nails, including Kiss Products, Inc. In fact, Kiss is now one of the largest manufacturers of press on nails in the world, with a wide range of designs and styles to choose from. At Dee Luxe Nails, this is one of our most important goals as well. With adding variety, inclusivity, and value we’ll be well on our way.

The process for creating press on nails evolved immensely and now are designed using computer software. The software creates a precise and uniform shape. Then, the designs are printed onto a thin sheet of plastic or acrylic, which is then cut into individual nail shapes. The nails are then coated with a layer of protectant, which allows the designs and color to be chip resistant.

Press on nails have become a popular choice for many people who want to have beautiful and fashionable nails without the expense or time commitment of traditional nail extensions. Dee Luxe Nails offers both prefabricated press on nails and custom press on nails. Whether you’re looking for a subtle and natural look or a bold and colorful design, we have you covered. And with our easy application and removal, you can change up your nails as often as you like, without ever having to leave your house!

Have you tried on press on nails? If so, what do you love about them the most and the least? Drop a comment below and share with another nail bestie.