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Spring 2024 Nail Trends: What’s Hot This Season

This season, the focus is on playful and dynamic designs that cater to every style. Whether you’re looking to spice up your nail game with vibrant patterns or add a touch of whimsy to your look, Dee Luxe Nails has got you covered with the latest in nail fashion. Here are few nail ideas that you may see more of and trending this Spring / Summer 2024.

Animal Prints

Make a bold statement with animal prints! From zebra to leopard, these patterns are perfect for adding a touch of the wild to your style.

Dried Flower Nail Art

For those who love a softer, more romantic vibe, dried flower nail art is the trend to watch. Imagine tiny, real flowers encapsulated in clear polish on your nails.

Mix-and-Match Manicures

Embrace your creative side with mix-and-match manicures. This trend invites you to combine various designs, from stripes to polka dots, on different nails.

3D Metallic Designs

Metallics are making a major comeback, with 3D designs that pop.

Bow Accents

Tap into your girly side with bow accents on your nails. These designs are sweet and simple, adding a subtle charm to any manicure.

Another event to look out for and draw even more nail inspo from is the revered Met Gala. The theme for this year’s Met is: Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion. Stay tuned for all the hot looks Monday, May 6th, 2024. Below are a few fan favorites that nailed their manicure game. Fingers crossed a few make another appearance this year.

1. Rihanna: At the 2023 Met Gala, Rihanna’s nails featured a French manicure embellished with three-dimensional white camellias, adding a sophisticated flourish that complemented her modern Chanel-inspired look.

2. Rita Ora: For the same event, Rita Ora showcased an extraordinary nail design by Naomi Yasuda, which included black nails adorned with long chains and pearls, echoing the dramatic flair of her outfit.

3. Sydney Sweeney: Collaborating with Zola Ganzorigt and OPI, Sydney Sweeney’s nails for the Met Gala were designed to mimic the crystal embellishments of her Miu Miu gown, featuring an ombre effect with a nude base, topped with sparkling crystals.

4. Jessica Chastain: Jessica Chastain’s nails were elegantly crafted by Julia Kandalec, who added a sparkling touch of crystals to ensure they shone through her sheer Gucci gloves, enhancing her glamorous appearance.

5. Suki Waterhouse: Suki Waterhouse’s nails were decorated with vintage butterfly nail stickers and gold decals, providing a whimsical complement to her sheer nude floral dress.